Our unique investment capability is one of our core strengths – with our disciplined, consistent and deeply considered approach being fundamental to our investment decisions. We aim to create tailored portfolios based on the risk and return objectives of each client.

Our investment specialists monitor and provide advice on portfolio changes. They produce in-house research, analysis and independent views based on internal and external research using open-ended sources for external research. Our views are unaligned with any research houses.

We provide regular forward-looking investment newsletters as well as macro-economic views combined with a fundamental “bottom-up” value approach to the appropriateness and suitability of investments.

Our Chief Investment Officer has frequent meetings with, and direct access to, portfolio managers and heads of research who provide us with a deeper understanding of the market.


Within the complex world of investment opportunities, we strive to keep it simple for our clients. We base our unique offering on the following three underlying methodologies in managing money and guiding our clients through the ebb and flow of the financial markets:

  1. Foundational Portfolio Management
  2. The “Moat” Concept
  3. Behavioural Finance

1.    Foundational Portfolio Management

This methodology refers to building portfolios in the most “fool-proof” manner by understanding how to place weightings on certain companies and fund managers that meet our strict criteria guideline.


2.    The “Moat” Concept

A “moat” defines the company’s resilience and competitive advantage in their products and services. The fast changing business environment means that companies with large competitive advantages are likely to navigate through the many landmines ahead and become stronger in the process.

This moat concept is important in the identification of high quality companies and with it comes a much higher chance of providing investors with a reasonable return on their investments over time when purchased at a reasonable price.

Moat - FD Colours

3.    Behavioural Finance

Human behaviour drives markets. While many academics believe that markets are efficient, human emotions can from time to time provide mispricing in the underlying worth of the company. Our understanding in behavioural finance coupled with our strong relationships with some of the best investment minds in the country, also helps us to gain deeper insights into these opportunities in providing suitable and value-adding advice.

These three factors combined with our independence provides added investment opportunities.


We believe our approach adds enormous value to our clients. Our dedicated investment team is always on call to answer questions on and discuss share market opportunities. Our close business relationships with major retail banks and investment banks provide us with “first-call” opportunities in shares, bonds and unique investment opportunities.