Financial Decisions - FaviconAbout You

  • Value long-term relationships
  • Lifetime wealth
  • Complex financial needs
  • Provide for my family
  • Accumulated assets
  • Protect my income and assets
  • Fund lifestyle choices
  • Willing to pay for advice

Financial Decisions - FaviconAbout Us

  • Value long-term relationships
  • Client comes first
  • Dedicated and committed team
  • Wealth of experience
  • Inhouse investment capabiliities
  • Overarching service proposition
  • Community driven

Financial Decisions - FaviconWhat We Do

  • Wealth Management
  • Superannuation
  • Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Mortgages
  • Tax & Accounting

Financial Decisions - FaviconOur Value Proposition

  • Australian Financial Services Licence
  • In-house investment team
  • Not aligned to banks or institutions
  • Unique portfolio solutions
  • High ethics

What Makes us Different?

Full Service | Personalised | Self Licenced

What Our Clients Say  

  • Our relationship with the firm is great – the personal nature, professionalism, timeliness, courteousness and good quality of service and advice. The FD business model is good. We pay a monthly fee that is predictable and transparent.


  • Wow – a young team with up-to-date knowledge. Our adviser is professional and knows what he’s talking about. It gives me confidence for a good future.

    Elizabeth Muylle

  • I’m impressed by the seriousness of their intent and the personal qualities of the team.

    Colin Slade

  • People buy from people and I need to like the people I buy from. With Financial Decisions, I get this. The relationship I have with my adviser is second-to-none. I am busy and therefore if I need something, Financial Decisions are very responsive. I get answers fast.

    Robert Pizzie

  • I appreciate the astuteness of the investment advice and the personalised contact.

    Harry Partridge


  • Over the years, we have been through a number of financial planning organisations but Financial Decisions has worked for us. Our interests are at their heart, rather than them being in it for themselves.

    David Allan

  • I get good advice from Financial Decisions. They are always available and I’m not inundated with unnecessary things. They are always prompt in returning information and answering questions.

    Owen Jones

  • We enjoy the fact that we can actually talk to our adviser and the staff in a friendly manner. And we can understand what they are saying. The Financial Decisions team is very approachable.

    Dianne McCamley

  • Being a small organisation, I get personalised service. I like the one-stop-shop for advice, tax, estate planning – this is very important to me.

    Paul Bennett

  • Financial Decisions tailored our portfolio so we don’t just get a standard portfolio.


Our Services

Our clients benefit from our autonomy and transparency, extensive in-house capabilities, high level of corporate governance, competitive fee structure and our ability to listen and deliver successful outcomes.

Over the past 40 years, we have built a strong culture and reputation for delivering outstanding services to our clients encapsulating the following areas:

Our team has the capability and experience to manage the complex financial needs of successful multi-generational families, delivering bespoke solutions to each client.

Our unique investment expertise enables us to create tailored portfolios based on the risk and return objectives of our clients. Our investment specialists monitor and advise on portfolio changes and provide in-house research, analysis and independent views based on internal and external research using open-ended sources for external research.

Our Team

We aim to exceed your expectations for personalised service, integrity and commitment to ensure the financial decisions you make are the right ones, for today and tomorrow.

We see creating and looking after your wealth as a lifelong commitment. That's why we offer regular and ongoing wealth advice and guidance throughout the different stages in your life. Together, we can build and protect the financial wealth that lets you enjoy the truly important things in your life.

Damien Cooper

Chief Executive Officer

Damien is responsible for the strategic direction and business development of Financial Decisions. His client-centric approach has seen him build solid, long-term relationships with his clients.

Matthew Collins


Matt is passionate about providing highly personalised advice and service to his clients. He is recognised in the industry for his comprehensive understanding of the complexities of insurance and risk.

Chetan Sharma


Chetan’s passion to go the extra mile when creating a tailored action plan for his clients is supported by his extensive knowledge of the tax law and his wealth of accounting experience.

Tim Brosnan


With experience navigating international markets and an intricately detail oriented approach, Tim is passionate about collaborating with clients to achieve or exceed their financial ambitions.