Insurance_highres_b-wWealth protection for you, your family and your business

Imagine what would happen if you weren’t around anymore, or were unable to work because of injury or ill health:

  • Could your family still maintain its current standard of living?
  • Where would the repayments for the mortgage come from?
  • Who would pay for your children’s education expenses?
  • Could your business meet its fixed expenses if you were unable to work?

Personal insurance is just like any other type of insurance – only much more important. The key benefit is that it helps reduce the financial pressure when dealing with the impact of serious medical conditions, injury, disablement or death.

Financial Decisions can provide you with expert advice to help you answer some key questions about your needs and the personal insurance solutions available – to design a plan that exactly meets your needs:

  • Why do I need it?
  • What exactly do the different types of personal insurance policies cover?
  • Insurance through super – is this the right option?
  • What type of cover do I need?  What don’t I need?
  • How much is enough?

Independent research has shown that many Australians are not insured or are terribly under-insured.  The real question is – can you afford not to have your own personal or business insurance plan?

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Personal Insurance

    • Life Insurance
    • Total & Permanent Disability
    • Income Protection
    • Trauma Insurance

Business Insurance

    • Buy-Sell Funding
    • Key Person Insurance