We are passionate and focused on preserving your hard earned capital, while at the same time delivering long term return objectives that enable you to achieve your financial and personal goals.

The aim of our investment committee is to construct robust model portfolios that will perform consistently, deliver superior risk adjusted returns in most market conditions and will be competitive relative to benchmarks over the long term. 

As part of the portfolio construction process, portfolio modelling is carried out by testing many combinations of asset classes and investments based on historical returns, risk characteristics and performance correlations to identify a blend of investments which are expected to deliver an optimal return for a given level of investment risk.

Our Investment Committee Team

Albert Lee

Chief Investment Officer

As Chairman of the Investment Committee, Albert brings over 16 years of experience in strategies and portfolio management. He has a comprehensive knowledge of different market relationships and uses a common sense approach in building high quality portfolios. With regular access to successful portfolio managers Albert gains an even better insight into the macro-economic environment and companies’ earnings potentials, enabling more balanced decision making during the investment committee meetings and processes.

Tim Brosnan

Financial Adviser

Tim is a senior financial adviser with over 15 years of international and local investment experience. He is heavily involved in the overall asset allocation strategy. Tim’s commitment to ethics combined with his strong technical knowledge often sees him play devil’s advocate. This is a very important role to allow for an open, balanced and robust debate surrounding the investment process.



Damien Cooper

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Financial Decisions, Damien brings a wealth of insight into how clients perceive portfolio construction and management. This continual focus on client service and engagement gives the committee a more holistic view into how the portfolio can be refined so that it is not just about the investment choices but also about how much comfort is provided to clients when we apply our common sense approach to portfolio construction.


Linda Hansen

Marketing Manager

Linda is the Investment Committee’s Secretary, responsible for taking and distributing the minutes of the meetings. 

She is a non-voting member of the committee.





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