One of the most successful methods to gain insights into our business and our strategic direction is to hold regular meetings with a small group of individuals who bring diverse professional skills and backgrounds to the table, with the purpose of seeking their advice and feedback. These meetings add real value as they deliver opportunities to hear what we are doing well and where we need to improve.

The Financial Decisions' board (FD board) meets bimonthly and is a powerful management resource engaged to explore new strategic initiatives.  Currently comprising Financial Decisions' directors, staff, equity holders and clients, the board members have a genuine understanding of our business and assist in enhancing and growing our services to ultimately benefit all clients.

The primary responsibility of the FD board is to:

  • Ensure the financial viability and security of the company
  • Ensure good governance and compliance
  • Determine the strategic direction of the company and execute its plan
  • Support the success of the CEO

Expressions of interest

Financial Decisions welcomes expressions of interest from anyone who has the appropriate background and qualifications to become a member of the FD board.

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