Warren Krass LLB (Bachelor of Laws)

Lawyer, Public Notary, Solicitor, Director

If you perceive something might become a mistake, address it and fix it immediately.

Warren started his career in 1980 as a developer’s lawyer dealing with property rights, environmental issues, acquisitions, sales, leases employment and various transactions. He has exercised the same skills for clients in a wide variety of industries such as retail, wholesale, manufacturing, mining, farming, conducting many types of litigation in many courts. Warren has assisted clients to enforce their legal and equitable rights having worked in:

  • insolvency cases,
  • corporate and misrepresentation cases,
  • criminal cases and defended pure food prosecutions.

Warren also has special expertise in wills and estates, whether it be drafting wills, defending wills or challenging them.

Warren has been a partner in Sydney CBD legal practices since 1983 and is currently the Legal Director of Financial Decisions Legal, having brought his legal practice into the Financial Decisions family.