Insurance_highres_b-wBuy/Sell Funding

Buy/sell funding is an agreement that allows surviving partners to purchase the shares of a deceased partner, or a partner who does not want to be a part of the business any longer. A main component of such insurance is the buy/sell agreement. This agreement is entered into by all the partners of the business and specifies how the shares of any partner will be handled upon their death or when they wish to leave the company. The buy/sell agreement will also typically state how the business will be valued at the time a partner leaves the business. With such an agreement in place, the remaining partners of a business can rest assured that the stake of a deceased partner will come back to the business, rather than going to their estate or beneficiaries.

Key Person Insurance

Key person insurance is life insurance taken on the key person in a business. It protects a company in the event that anything happens to the people who are important to the business operations. These instances can be any of the following:

  • Disability of the key employee as a result of an accident or any mishap
  • Incapability to work due to prolonged or serious illness
  • The untimely death of the key person

Any of these can result in a break in the business workflow. This position must be filled as soon as possible to ensure continuity. The company stands as the main beneficiary with key person insurance.



Personal Insurance

    • Life Insurance
    • Total & Permanent Disability
    • Income Protection
    • Trauma Insurance

Business Insurance

    • Buy-Sell Funding
    • Key Person Insurance