A Separately Managed Account (SMA) is a customised non-unitised “managed fund” portfolio comprising of shares and unitised managed funds where the assets are owned by individual investors. An investment is allocated across one or more available investment models, which will determine the portfolio allocation between shares or funds.

These investment models are provided by our investment specialists and vary in focus in much the same way that managed funds vary in their risk and return objectives. Investors are able to utilise the collective knowledge and intellectual property of investment professionals and experienced fund managers and have greater transparency and flexibility.

We have formed a Professional Investment Committee including third party involvement. Our model portfolios operated under the SMA structure include the following advantages:

  • Three model portfolios – The Summit Fund (low cost growth), The Generation Fund (growth) and The Guardian Fund (conservative)
  • Two-pronged approach using both managed funds and direct stocks in models
  • Absolute return strategy with focus on downside risk mitigation
  • Consistent changes to every portfolio, ie. no timing issue with any changes
  • Clearly defined strategies and positioning
  • Transparency

Please contact our investment specialists to find out more about our investment options.